Venerable Mother Thecla Merlo, FSP (1894-1964)

Co-Foundress of The Daughters of St. Paul



Fr. James Alberione invited Mother Thecla to join a group of young women to form a feminine congregation dedicated to the Apostolate of the Press(Social Communications).

She thus co-founded The Daughters of St. Paul.

Under Mother Thecla's guidance the congregation grew.  During her lifetime she traveled the world and under her direction The Daughters of St. Paul

established themselves on every continent.



OurLadyimages hopes you find Mother Thecla as someone to

turn to and to pray with for any thing you may need.

Throughout her life she lived the Gospel.

She loves Jesus Master and His Church,

and is a sure intercessor for all of us.



So, if anyone obtains graces, favors, help in times of need

and improved health conditions

through the intercession of Venerable Mother Thecla Merlo

would you please let us know by sending this information to:


Reverend Mother Provincial

Daughters of St. Paul

50 Saint Pauls Ave.

Boston, MA  02130