"I am the Way, the Truth, the Life"



OurLadyimages would like to introduce you to: The Pauline Family.



"The Pauline Family has one spirituality to live the Gospel and its entirety;

to live in the Divine Master who is Way, Truth and Life;

to live him as his disciple St. Paul understood him;

under the gaze of Mary Queen of the Apostles."

                                                                  Blessed Fr. James Alberione




The Pauline Family is a Roman Catholic Congregation made up of religious orders,

secular institutes and lay cooperators

founded by Blessed Fr. James Alberione from 1914 onwards.


The worldwide Pauline Family consists of:


5 Religious Congregations:


The Society of St. Paul

The Daughters of St. Paul

The Sister Disciples of the Divine Master

The Sisters of the Good Shepherd

The Sisters of Mary Queen of Apostles


4 Lay Institutes:


Institute of Jesus Priest

Institute of the Archangel Gabriel

Institute of Our Lady of the Annunciation

Institute of the Holy Family


1 Association of lay Collaborators:


Association of Pauline Cooperators



The Pauline mission is to spread the Gospel and love of Jesus using

all the means of modern media technology,

and to address the spiritual needs of the world

in a modern way.



OurLadyimages would like to invite you to join in prayer along

with the Pauline Family, so the love of Jesus and the Gospel

maybe spread throughout the entire world,

through the means of Social Communications.




Let us pray


God, to communicate your love

to men and women,

you sent your only Son Jesus Christ

into the world and made him our Master,

the Way and Truth and Life of humanity.

Grant that the media of social communication

- press, films, radio, television,

recordings, internet, and all audio-visuals-

may always be used for your glory and

the good of all.


Raise up vocations for this multi-media

apostolate, and inspire all people

of good will to contribute with prayer,

action and offerings, so that through these

means the Church may preach the Gospel

to all peoples. 





Thank you for praying along with The Pauline Family,

The Prayer for the Apostolate of the Means

of Social Communication.



Go into the world and spread God's word.  Give it with the very heart

that Jesus the Master had in preaching it. Give it with the fervor that animated

Saint Paul in spreading it. Give it with the grace and humility

with which Mary gave the world her Son, the incarnate Word,

who is Way, Truth and life.

                                                                      Blessed Fr. James Alberione