Servant of God Sister Mary Scholastica Rivata, PDDM (1897-1987)

One of the first Sister Disciples of the Divine Master




The Founder of The Sister Disciples of the Divine Master, Fr. Alberione,

chose Mother Scholastica and entrusted to her

the direction of the Sister Disciples of the Divine Master. 

She directed her Congregation in the Apostolate of Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration,

Service of priestly collaboration and liturgical life.



OurLadyimages invites you to pray along with Mother Scholastica

as prayer was of primary importance to her life and mission,

especially Eucharistic Adoration. 

For her the essence of her life was Jesus Master, Way, Truth and Life.

She lived a humble life of love for the salvation of souls for God.

So know she serves God in heaven and is waiting to help us

with her prayer and love.



So, if anyone obtains graces, favors, help in times of need

and improved health conditions

through the intercession of Sister Mary Scholastica Rivata,

would you please let us know by sending this information to:



Sister Disciples of the Divine Master

Sr. Josephine Fallon, PDDM  Provincial Delegate

60 Sunset Ave,

Staten Island, New York  10314