Blessed Father James Alberione, 1884-1971

Founder of the Pauline Family,

 consisting of 5 Religious Congregations,

4 Secular Institutes and the Pauline Cooperators



OurLadyimages would like to extend the opportunity for all of us to pray

with the man of God who throughout his life was driven in

founding and working for the:

Apostolate of Social Communications.

Prayer was his 'life force.'

These prayers are his own that he prayed throughout his lifetime and now

are passed on through his Pauline Family to the world.  His prayers express

his devotion to the persons of Christ, of Mary, and of the Apostle St. Paul. 

So, let us pray with Fr. Alberione

and ask him to intercede for us so we too may

live out a life of prayer, devotion and faith in God.



Prayer 'made in the name of Jesus Christ' brings us perfect joy, which is eternal life.

                                                                                   Blessed Fr. James Alberione



And now, these prayers are written here for you from the Prayerbook:

"The Prayers Of The Pauline Family"




To the Most Holy Trinity


Divine Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit,

present and active in the Church

and in the depths of my soul,

I adore you, I thank you, I love you!

And through the hands of Mary most holy, my Mother,

I offer, give and consecrate myself entirely to you

for life and for eternity.

To you, Heavenly Father, I offer,

give and consecrate myself as your son/daughter.

To you, Jesus Master, I offer,

give and consecrate myself as your brother/sister and disciple.

To you, Holy Spirit, I offer,

give and consecrate myself as "a living temple"

to be consecrated and sanctified.

Mary, Mother of the Church and my Mother,

who dwells in the presence of the Blessed Trinity,

teach me to live, through the liturgy and the sacraments,

in ever more intimate union with the three divine Persons,

so that my whole life may be a

"glory to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit."





Invocations to Jesus Master


Jesus Master, sanctify my mind and increase my faith.

Jesus, teaching in the Church, draw everyone to your school.

Jesus Master, deliver me from error, from vain thoughts,

and from eternal darkness.

Jesus, Way between the Father and us, I offer you all

and await all from you.

Jesus, Way of sanctity, make me your faithful imitator.

Jesus Way, render me perfect as the Father who is in heaven.

Jesus Life, live in me, so that I may live in you.

Jesus Life, do not permit me to separate myself from you.

Jesus Life, grant that I may live eternally in the joy of your love.

Jesus Truth, may I be light for the world.

Jesus Way, may I be example and model for souls.

Jesus Life, may my presence bring grace and consolation everywhere.





Prayer to the Holy Spirit


Divine Holy Spirit,

eternal Love of the Father and of the Son,

I adore you, I thank you, I love you,

and I ask you pardon for all the times

I have grieved you in myself and in my neighbor.

Descend with many graces during

the holy ordination of bishops and priests,

during the consecration of men and women religious,

during the reception of Confirmation by all the faithful;

be light, sanctity and zeal.

To you, Spirit of Truth,

I consecrate my mind, imagination and memory,

enlighten me.

May I know Jesus Christ our Master

and understand his Gospel and the teaching of

holy Church.

Increase in me the gifts of wisdom,

knowledge, understanding and counsel.

To you, sanctifying Spirit,

I consecrate my will.  Guide me in your will,

sustain me in the observance of the commandments,

in the fulfillment of my duties.

Grant me the gifts of fortitude and holy fear of God.

To you, life-giving Spirit,

I consecrate my heart.

Guard and increase the divine life in me.

Grant me the gift of piety.





Act of Surrender to the Will of God


My God, I do not know what will happen to me today.

I only know that nothing will happen to me

that was not foreseen by you and directed to my greater good

from all eternity.

This is enough for me.

I adore your eternal and unfathomable designs

I submit to them with all my heart for love of you

I offer the sacrifice of my whole being to you

and join my sacrifice to that of Jesus, my divine Savior.

In his name and by his infinite merits,

I ask you for patience in my suffering and perfect submission,

so that everything you want to permit to happen

will result in your greater glory and my sanctification.





To Spend the Day Well


Dear and sweet Mother Mary,

keep your holy hand upon me;

guard my mind,

my heart and my senses,

that I may never commit sin.

Sanctify my thoughts,


words and actions,

so that I may please you and your Jesus, my God,

and reach heaven with you.

Jesus and Mary,

give me your holy blessing;

In the name of the Father,

and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.





Night Prayer


I adore you, my God,

and I love you with all my heart.

I thank you for having created me,

made me a Christian,

and kept me this day.

Forgive me my failings and sins

and accept whatever good I may have done.

Take care of me while I sleep

and deliver me from all danger.

May your grace be always with me

and with all my dear ones.





To Obtain Good Health


Divine Holy Spirit, Creator and Renewer of all things,

Life of my life, with Mary most holy I adore you,

I thank you, I love you!

You give life and vivify the whole universe.

Preserve me in good health; free me from the illnesses

which threaten it and all the evils which endanger it.

Assisted by your grace, I promise to always

use my energies for the glory of God,

for the good of my soul,

and in the service of my brothers and sisters.

I pray also that you may illumine with your gifts

of knowledge and understanding all doctors

and those who care for the sick,

so that they may know the true causes

of the ills which endanger and threaten life,

and may discover and apply the most effective

remedies to defend life and heal it.

Virgin Most Holy, Mother of life and Health

of the sick,

to you I entrust this humble prayer of mine.

Mother of God and our Mother,

deign to increase its value with your powerful intercession.





The Worker's Prayer


Jesus, divine Laborer and Friend of workers,

deign to look benignly down upon the working world.

We present to you the needs of all who carry on

intellectual, moral, or physical work.

See amid what fatigue, sufferings and snares

we live our hard days.  See the physical and moral

sufferings!  Repeat the cry of your Heart:

"I have compassion on these people."

Comfort us, through the merits and intercession

of St. Joseph, model of workers and artisans.

Grant us the wisdom, virtue and love which

sustained you in your toil-filled days.

Inspire us with thoughts of faith, peace,

moderation and thrift,

so that together with our daily bread,

we will always seek spiritual goods and heaven.

Save us from those who deceitfully try to deprive

us of the gift of faith and confidence in your providence.

Deliver us from all exploiters who do not recognize

the rights and dignity of the human person.

Inspire social laws which are in conformity with

the Church's teaching. 

May charity and justice reign together,

through the sincere cooperation of all members

of society.

May everyone consider the Vicar of Christ the teacher

of the only social doctrine which assures

the worker of a gradual social betterment,

and of the kingdom of heaven,

the inheritance of the poor in spirit.





For Trips


Jesus-Truth, enlighten me to travel only and always

in charity and with my gaze fixed on heaven,

my ultimate destination.

Jesus-Way, be my guide, that I may have complete

self-contral, a sure eye and constant moderation.

Jesus-Life, wherever I go be for me and for those

whom I accompany or meet,

joy of spirit and salvation of soul and body.

My angel, kindly precede me and guard me.





To Our Lady of the Annunciation


May all generations proclaim you blessed, Mary.

You believed the Archangel Gabriel, and in you were

fulfilled all the great things that he had announced to you.

My soul and my entire being praise you, Mary.

You believed totally in the Incarnation of the

Son of God in your virginal womb, and you

became the Mother of God.

Then the happiest day in the history of the world dawned.

Humanity received the Divine Master,

the sole eternal Priest, the Victim who would

make reparation, the universal King.

Faith is a gift of God and the root of every good.

Mary, obtain for us, too, a lively, firm and active faith,

faith which saves and produces saints,

faith in the Church, in the Gospel, in eternal life.

May we meditate on the words of your blessed Son,

as you preserved them in your heart and

devoutly meditated on them.

May the Gospel be preached to everyone.

May it be docilely accepted.

May all men and women become,

in Jesus Christ, children of God.





Entrusting of Oneself to Mary


Receive me, Mary, Mother, Teacher and Queen,

among those whom you love, nourish, sanctify and guide,

in the school of Jesus Christ, the Divine Master.

You identify in God's mind those whom he calls,

and for them you have special prayers, grace, light and consolations.

My Master Jesus Christ entrusted himself wholly to you,

from the Incarnation to the Ascension.

For me this is doctrine, example and an ineffable gift.

I too place myself entirely into your hands.

Obtain for me the grace to know,

imitate and love ever more

the Divine Master, Way and Truth and Life.

Present me to Jesus, for I am an unworthy sinner,

and I have no other recommendation to be admitted

to his school than your recommendation.

Enlighten my mind, forify my will,

sanctify my heart, during this year of my spiritual work,

so that I may profit from this great mercy,

and may say at the end:

"I live now not I, but Christ lives in me."





Prayer to St. Paul the Apostle


Holy Apostle who, with your teachings and with your charity,

have taught the entire world,

look kindly upon us, your children and disciples.

We expect everything from your prayers to

the Divine Master and to Mary, Queen of the Apostles.

Grant, Doctor of the Gentiles, that we may live by faith,

save ourselves by hope, and that charity alone reign in us.

Obtain for us, vessel of election, docile correspondence

to divine grace, so that it may not remain unfruitful in us.

Grant that we may ever better know you, love you,

and imitate you; that we may be living members

of the Church, the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ.

Raise up many and holy apostles.

May the warm breath of true charity permeate the entire world.

Grant that all may know and glorify God

and the Divine Master, Way and Truth and Life.

And, Lord Jesus, you know we have no faith

in our own powers.

In your mercy grant that we may be defended

against all adversity, through the powerful

intercession of St. Paul.





To Jesus Master


Jesus, Divine Master, we adore you as the Word

Incarnate sent by the Father to instruct us in

lifegiving truths.  You are uncreated Truth, the only Master.

You alone have words of eternal life.

We thank you for having imparted to us

the light of reason and the light of faith,

and for having called us to the light of glory.

We believe, submitting our whole mind to you

and to the Church.

Master, show us the treasures of you wisdom,

let us know the Father,

make us your true disciples.

Increase our faith so that we may

attain to the eternal vision in heaven.


Jesus Master, Way and Truth and Life, have mercy on us.


Jesus, Divine Master, we adore you as the

beloved of the Father, the sole Way to him.

We thank you because you made yourself our model.

You left us examples of the highest perfection.

You have invited us to follow you on earth and in heaven.

We contemplate you in the various periods of your earthly life.

We docilely place ourselves in your school and follow your teachings.

Draw us to you so that by following in your footsteps

and renouncing ourselves, we may seek only your will.

Increase active hope in us and the desire to be found similar

to you at the judgment, and to possess you forever in heaven.


Jesus Master, Way and Truth and Life, have mercy on us.


Jesus, Divine Master, we adore you as the only-begotten Son of God,

come on the earth to give Life, the most abundant life, to humanity.

We thank you because by dying on the cross,

you merited life for us, which you give us in baptism

and nourish in the Eucharist and in the other sacraments.

Live in us, Jesus, with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit,

so that we may love you with our whole mind, strength, and heart,

and love our neighbor as ourselves for love of you.

Increase charity in us, so that one day,

called from the sepulcher to the glorious life,

we may be united with you in the eternal happiness of heaven.


Jesus Master, Way and Truth and Life, have mercy on us.


Jesus, Divine Master, we adore you living in the Church,

your Mystical Body, and our sole ark of salvation.

We thank you for having given us this infallible and

indefectible Mother, in whom you continue to be for humanity

the Way, the Truth and the Life.

We ask of you that those who do not believe may come

to her inextinguishable light,

the erring return to her, and all peoples be united in faith,

in a common hope, in charity.

Exalt the Church, assist the Pope, sanctify the

clergy and religious. 

Lord Jesus, our wish is yours: that there be one fold

under one Shepherd, so that we may all be reunited in

the Church exultant in heaven.


Jesus Master, Way and Truth and Life, have mercy on us.


Jesus, Divine Master, we adore you with the angels

who sang the reasons for your Incarnation:

"Glory to God and peace to all people."

We thank you for having called us to share in your own apostolate.

Enkindle in us your own flame of zeal for God and for souls.

Fill all our powers with yourself.

Live in us so that we may radiate you through

our apostolate of prayer, suffering and social communication,

as well as by word, example and deed.

Send good laborers into your harvest.

enlighten preachers, teachers, writers;

infuse in them the Holy Spirit with his seven gifts;

dispose minds and hearts to receive him.

Come, Master and Lord! 

Teach and reign, through Mary, Mother, teacher and Queen.


Jesus Master, Way and Truth and Life, have mercy on us.




Prayer to Obtain Vocations


Jesus, Divine Master, who said:

"The harvest indeed is great, but the laborers are few,"

we lovingly accept your invitation: "Pray the Heavenly Father

to send forth laborers into his harvest."

Inspire a devout crusade for vocations:

"All the faithful for all vocations."

More priests! May they be the salt of the earth,

the light of the world,

the city placed on the mountaintop for the

salvation of humanity redeemed by your Blood.

More religious, both men and women,

to fill the earth with religious houses which

welcome your favored children,

and which will be centers of light and warmth,

sources of piety, gardens of saints,

singing "glory to God and peace to

men and women of good will."

Mary, "God's chosen one,"

Mother and guardian of  holy vocations,

pray with us, pray for us,

and for all those called by God.




These are some of the prayers of Father James Alberione.

May they be for you a light and guide to help your prayer and spiritual life.

It is our hope you also pray to Fr. Alberione to intercede

for you in good times and bad.

Know he is there in heaven waiting to help.


So, if anyone otains graces, favors, help in times of need

and improved health conditions,

through the intercession of Fr. James Alberione

would you please let us know by sending this information to:


The Society of St. Paul

Attn: Fr. Matthew Roehrig, SSP- Provincial

2187 Victory Blvd.

Staten Island, New York 10314