Blessed Father Timothy Giaccardo, SSP (1896-1948)

First priest of the Pauline Family

Vicar General of the Society of St. Paul



Fr. Timothy Giaccardo worked and cared for the Society of St. Paul

under the guidance of the Founder, Fr. James Alberione.

Fr. Giaccardo lived a life of humble and steadfast holiness.

He was totally dedicated to the canonical recognition

and spiritual growth of the Pauline Family until his holy death.

He lived a life of a truly "obedient prophet" for our time.




OurLadyimages hopes you find a friend in Fr. Timothy, so you

may pray with him and to him to help us live out a life of holiness,

and also for any other favors or graces you may need.



So, if anyone obtains graces, favors, help in times of need

and improved health conditions

through the intercession of Blessed Fr. Timothy Giaccardo

would you please let us know by sending

this information to:



The Society of St. Paul

Fr. Matthew Roehrig, SSP Provincial

2187 Victory Blvd.

Staten Island, New York  10314