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OurLadyimages.org is a website for Spiritual Prayer.


It features Catholic reflections through pictures.  This gallery of pictures is here to capture God's presence in the world among us and around us. Each picture is accompanied by a verse chosen from God's word or from a saint's writings to help us reflect upon God and His creation.


Also, this Spiritual Prayer website is here so we may encounter prayer, reflection and meditation upon our eternal God.  It is our hope that through these reflections you may find a glimpse of God's peace, mercy, healing and love

that He has for us all.


OurLadyimages will also feature the Catholic Gospel Reading of the Sunday Mass,

so you may reflect upon the beauty that is within it.


Hopefully, this will lead us on a spiritual journey into God's presence and love.  It is through this journey or encounter, with God our Father, and His Son,

our Lord, Jesus Christ, in unity with the Holy Spirit, where we will find meaning in and for our lives, now, and for eternity.


OurLadyimages wants to be here for you, the spiritual traveler, in the hopes of helpng to bring you, to the joy, peace, mercy, healing and love of God.  In your travels, may it lead you on to a process of spiritual growth that may bring you through a conversion of heart or a sense of peace with the Lord, or perhaps simply understanding and acceptance.  Also, to have the knowledge that God is there not only through the joys of life but especially through our trials and sufferings.  He is there so we may find the healing and peace that only God can give us.


So, let us embrace this experience of our, almighty ever-living God, with all our

mind, heart and soul!



OurLadyimages.org is entrusted to:  The Blessed Mother, under the title of:

                                                  "Our Lady of the Annunciation"



We would like to let you know that OurLadyimages is enrolled as a member of the: St. Paul Mass Association.  So know, that anyone, who visits this website will from now on, share in all indulgences, favors, and privileges granted by the Holy See to the congregation of: The Society of St. Paul.  You will also be included in six daily Masses that will be offered for you each day.


We also want you to know that you will be prayed

for, everyday, by members of:

The Institute of Our Lady of the Annunciation. 


You may call OurLadyimages for prayer requests at: 781 856-3714 


Now, OurLadyimages presents, Catholic reflections:

Please click on the Picture Gallery number buttons to the right

of the page to begin viewing.


We would also like to invite you to reflect upon the

Catholic Reading of the Gospel of our Sunday Mass.

This is updated every week for you, so you may enjoy the

beauty of our Holy Scriptures.

Please click on the Sunday Gospel Reading button to the right of the page.


After the Sunday Gospel Reading is the: Hymn to OUR LADY

We give her our love, and honor her as our Mother and Queen.


It is also with great joy and love that OurLadyimages presents:


This page is about what we believe. 

It is the treasure that we hold in our hearts.

It is the Truth, that we seek.


"Father...this is eternal life, that they may know you, the only

true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent."

"God our Savior desires all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge

of the truth." "There is no other name under heaven given among

men by which we must be saved" than the name of Jesus.

                             John 17:3, 1Timothy 2:3-4, Acts 4:12


THE PROFESSION OF FAITH page is located under the Hymn to Our Lady

button to the right of the home page.  We invite you to visit this page

for reflection and meditation upon the beautiful treasure that is our Faith.

So, "Let the hearts of those who seek the Lord, rejoice."

                                                   Psalm 105:3


We will also feature the beautiful prayer of the Stations of the Cross.

There is the Opening prayer and each Station has its own page,

closing with the Ending Prayer.  The buttons for the Stations are directly

below The Profession of Faith. We hope you enjoy praying this ancient prayer.


After the Stations of the Cross there is the: Novena to the Holy Spirit.

It is a custom in the Church to pray to the Holy Spirit as Mary and the Apostles did while awaiting the Holy Spirit's coming as Jesus had promised.

It is our hope when we pray this novena we will receive His sevenfold gifts in our lives, so as to guide and help us live out our witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


OurLadyimages would like to invite you to reflect upon our section on: Prayer.

"Great is the mystery of the faith!"  This mystery, then requires that

we believe in it, celebrate it, and that we live from it in a vital and

personal relationship with the living and true God.

This relationship is: Prayer.

This section on, Prayer, will discuss such things as:

Prayer in the Christian Life,

What is Prayer?

The Revelation of Prayer and how Prayer unfolds from Creation throughout the whole history of salvation.

Prayer from the beginning of the Old Testament and our Fathers in faith, such as Moses, King David and The Prophets.

How Prayer is fully revealed to us in Jesus Christ.

The forms of Christian Prayer such as: Blessing and Adoration, Prayer of Petition, Prayer of Intercession, Prayer of Thanksgiving, Prayer of Praise.

The Tradition of Prayer.

The Way of Prayer.

Expressions of Prayer, such as: Vocal, Meditation and Contemplative Prayer.

The Battle of Prayer.

And finally, the Lord's Prayer, a reflection on "The Our Father."

So, for all you Spiritual Travelers, OurLadyimages hopes you find love, peace, joy and serenity of heart that only Prayer with God, can accomplish.

The Prayer button is located beneath the Novena to the Holy Spirit.


OurLadyimages would like to introduce to you some very special people for you 

 to pray with and to, for graces and help from heaven. 

They are: Blessed Fr. James Alberione, Founder of the Pauline Family,

Blessed Fr. Timothy Giaccardo, First priest of the Pauline Family,

Venerable Mother Thecla Merlo, Co-Foundress and First Superior General of

The Daughters of St. Paul

The Servant of God Sister Mary Scholastica Rivata, One of the first sisters of

The Sister Disciples of the Divine Master 

OurLadyimages invites you to pray with and to these people of God, so

they may intercede, to God, for you from heaven, in any time of need. 

OurLadyimages wants you to consider them 'friends' from heaven.

So know that if you need prayers from heaven, they are there waiting to help.

The page button of: Prayer with Blessed Father James Alberione,

Blessed Timothy Giaccardo, Venerable Mother Thecla Merlo,

Servant of God Sister Mary Scholastica Rivata,

is beneath the Prayer button page to the right.


OurLadyimages would like to introduce to you The Pauline Family.

We hope you will pray along with The Pauline Family for the spread of the Gospel

and love of Jesus Christ throughout the entire world

through the means of Social Communications.

OurLadyimages wishes that you make this prayer, a special intention,

so the love of Jesus and the Gospel may reach the entire world.

The Pauline Family Prayer button is directly above The Rosary button.


And finally, OurLadyimages presents to you-The Rosary-the prayer of Our Lady.

The Rosary is so special to OurLadyimages, that we present it, in a very special way.  This prayer will be prayed in its entirety, in Audio.  We hope you pray this prayer along with us, so you may ask for blessings and graces for you, your family and friends.  The Rosary button is the last button on the right of the homepage.



And now, at this moment in time, OurLadyimages, would like to take this opportunity to thank some very special people for their

love, guidance and support.

They are:

The Priests and Brothers of: The Society of St. Paul

The Sisters of: The Daughters of St. Paul

The Sisters of: The Sister Disciples of the Divine Master

OurLadyimages wishes to send them all, love and gratitude.



Now, always remember that God is with us, so:

"Rejoice in the Lord always, I shall say it again:" "Rejoice!"

                                                    Philippians 4:4


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